Why Video Marketing is Attracting Everyone ?

How likely are you to read a never-ending, long paragraph after already having gone through your emails and messages all day? Not that enticing right? A funny, engaging video however would serve as a good break.  

From TV advertisements from the 1900s to today’s viral reels, videos rank amongst the most consumed content type. It’s no surprise that video marketing is currently marketing strategists’ favourite weapon to win the digital realm, and it’s been doing wonders!  Here’s why video marketing is attracting everyone, and why you need to get onto the bandwagon to get your brand noticed.

It’s All Science

Videos engage multiple senses at once. You’re listening, watching and thinking, all together. This immersive experience makes video marketing all the more effective by creating an immersive experience and captivating the viewer. According to science, the human brain processes videos 60,000 times faster than text. Well, can’t argue with science.

Videos are Traffic Magnets

SEO experts love videos. Adding videos to your sites increases the amount of time people stay on your page. This enhances engagement and boosts your website’s SEO ranking, thereby diverting more traffic towards you. Videos are also shared faster, and reach wider audiences. Whatsapp forwards, TikToks and reels provide enough evidence for this. 

Stories Make Us

Videos are the most effective storytelling tools. Give your brand a narrative, put in characters for human appeal, add background sounds and good videography, and you have the perfect recipe for some great marketing! Videos can help emotionally connect with the viewers, establishing a strong customer-brand relationship.

Ease and Accessibility

With posters and text, there is some involved effort to get the content to reach the maximum audience. However, with the current platforms like Instagram, Facebook and Youtube that are ruling the marketing domain, video virality is organic, and at times effortless. If your content is worthy, it’ll be shared. Videos are also mobile-friendly, allowing people to view them on the go. 

Higher Conversion Rates

Videos have a persuasive power that can lead to higher conversion rates. When consumers watch a video about a product or service, they are more likely to make a purchase or take the desired action compared to just reading about it. Videos let you showcase products in action, demonstrate their benefits, and provide social proof through testimonials, ultimately increasing conversions.

Having said all of this, video-making needs vision, skill and creativity. You need to stay up to date with trends and audios to make the most of your content. The Digit has a great team to help your stats skyrocket with engaging videos. We can create videos from scratch and tell your story. Connect with us to strategise your video marketing and get started. Lights, camera, action!

So, if you’re still on the fence about video marketing, it’s time to jump off and join the party! Videos are the cool kids on social media, getting all the likes, shares, and comments. 

So, why stick to the same old text and posters when you can make some noise with videos? Say Hi at to get Started Now.



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