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Influencer marketing is a mix of traditional and innovative marketing techniques. It incorporates the concept of celebrity endorsement into a modern content-driven marketing campaign.

Influencers are already talking about products they like as a natural part of their online presence, and marketers are struggling to keep up with all the manual processes involved in implementing influencer marketing campaigns. This is where we can assist you.



We will take note of your requirements for further execution.
You will get a custom list of influencers to choose from as per your requirement.

We deposit 100% advance for the campaign


You will get a complete set of influencers.

We will provide you brief for the influencers from the final list to get a better understanding of their portfolios.


We will help you to ship the products or provide your services to influencers within 7 working days.

We will provide manuals & our well-researched resources to influencers for your campaign.


Influencers will get a road map to get started on how, and when to start, and how well they can deliver the content.

Brands will get detailed analytical reports about their campaigs.

Day Wise Plan

First 3 Days
We will provide you the complete list of influencers based on the final discussion on the campaign.

Next 10 Days
We will reach out to each influencer to get their consent on the agreement , copyright of the content and to confirm their info.

Next 15 Days
We will co-ordinate with influencers to get the desired results with pre-defined script andtraning manuals.


Brand will ship bulk products to our warehouse which we will be passing to influencers for further promotions.
Shipping charges to influencers included.

₹ 25000 onwards

Company will provide the 100% cashback coupons to influencers to order their products from online stores for promoting their products.

₹ 40000 onwards

Shortlisted Influencers will get the cash amount for their content and deliverables.

₹ 70000 onwards

Terms & Conditions

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