Building a Brand Identity in the Initial Phase of Brand Establishment

While walking down a bustling street, surrounded by a sea of businesses and brands, each vying for your attention and calling out to us, we’ve all come across some with catchy jingles, logos that are ingrained in our minds, and colours & taglines that precede brands’ names in our memories. As the name suggests, brand identity is the face of a brand, that consumers identify it with and that plays a key role in whether they choose it over its competitors. It’s the beacon that guides them to take an informed decision and sharpens the monotonous blur of competition.

Introducing Brand Identity

Brand identity is what you as a business present to your customers. It’s how the target audience recognizes your name and associates it with what you stand for. It involves elements like brand colours, logos, taglines, mascots, packaging and more. As one can guess, these encompass the entire personality of your brand and are the foremost things that are noticed by people when they’re browsing through the marketplace. 

Strong brand building is very important. It is what will make you stand out from the zillions of competitors in the industry and what will catch the eye of the buyer, to pick you over the myriads of other options. The brand’s identity and all the experiential elements that it uses to engage its audience should speak of what the brand stands for and be clear indicators of what the customer can expect. 

One may argue that these visual elements at the forefront are useful only in the initial phase, but the brand’s work is what keeps it in business. While this may be true, one cannot overstate the role of strong brand identity in developing a sense of reliability and credibility for the business. It’ll make your name memorable for the masses and instil trust. When your identity is cohesive and stands with everything your brand stands for, it’ll ensure customer loyalty and increase visibility for new audiences. A good identity helps in building a strong emotional connection with your consumers, who will find themselves humming your jingles, recognising your colours and trusting you with their requirements. It’s not just about the aesthetics, but about immersing consumers into the space you’ve carved for yourself in the industry.

Building a Brand Identity

In today’s competitive world, a good brand identity is paramount for a successful business. A memorable, scaleable and distinct voice that speaks to your potential customers will secure your brand a place in the market and in people’s hearts! 

Brand awareness, which includes the channels that consumers hear about you from, also speaks volumes and affects how your business is perceived by the viewer and is a part of your brand identity.

Building an identity for your business is not an overnight job and requires a lot of thought, experimentation and experience. Design, language and expression are elements that cannot be ignored and need to be intertwined with the brand philosophy. 

We, at The Digit, recognise that your brand is unique, and are here to help set up your business. 

After knowing your brand inside out, our team conducts in-depth research to analyse the interests of your target audience and what resonates with them. Exploring the competitive landscape is just as important to stand out and learn from the past. 

A thorough study of these aspects gives us a good insight into what you stand for, and we take it upon ourselves to present just that to your audience! 

Our experts creatively craft elements for your brand that completely align with your goals. We recognise that the right design can be achieved by paying attention to detail, be it while selecting brand colours or choosing fonts to present your content. We are dedicated to going through multiple iterations to get just the right logo and typography for you to present in the market. 

A good marketing agency would help you develop a compelling brand voice that conveys your brand personality, values, and benefits. With multiple social media platforms available, consistency in messaging across all platforms is crucial to reinforce your image, and we are mindful of that.

We, at The Digit can help with your brand identity establishment with a strong experience in marketing, design and outreach. Your brand is your baby and we understand just how precious it is. Every brand has a story and we’re here to deliver yours. Our strategies are specially created for you to communicate everything your business stands for, which makes us the Best Branding Agency For Your Business. 

You’ll not only catch the eye of a new buyer but also create a lasting impact that’ll set you apart. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to redesign, our team is dedicated to catering to your needs, making us one of the most trusted Digital Marketing Agencies in Chandigarh.



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